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Sakya Tharig Monastery

Sakya Tharig Monastery

Tsechen Shedup Ling
Sakya Tharig Monastery

P.O. Box 4377,
Boudha Phulbari, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977 1 4915014
Fax: 977 1 4915454

Puja Schedule for Daily

After getting fresh, having washed face and teeth at 5 am, monks gather together in the Shrine Hall to join in the Morning Puja Session, where supplication prayers of Buddhas and Boddhisatvas are chanted, followed by Tara ritual for the duration of 2 hours.

From 8 am in the morning, the younger monks keep themselves busy, undertaking self study while elder ones engage in performing Pujas on request by benefactors. In their leisure, they involve in performing their daily Sadhanas along with practices on Hearing, contemplation and meditation.

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Welcome to Sakya Tharig Monastery

Tharig Monastery has, in her credit, a long history of existence and thereby serving devotees that have come into her contact in different social and spiritual perspective. Around four Hundred years in the past from today, this Monastery was first established by Tharig Drupchen who bagged this title due to his unparalleled miraculous power in rescuing the suffering beings from the quake-mire of the emotional afflictions. The Monastery first came into being in the place known as Yushu in Kham region of Tibet high plateau. Later, in turn this Monastery was overseen by three incarnated Lamas such as Tharig Tulku Rinpoche, Tulku Yonten Rinpoche and Tsetsam Rinpoche. The supervision of the Monastery was done in rotation by one of them in the absence of other two or at the time when two others are too young to look after the running of the Monastery.

In a time when whole Tibet went into a turbulent, the three Rinpoches had no other alternative than to escape from the political tornado. However, despite many efforts Tulku Yonten and Tulku Tsetsam both failed to make it to a soil of free land. Unfortunately, they fall prey to the sudden and drastic change brought by time and their karma linked with other beings. Nevertheless, the sixth Tharig Rinpoche, (1923-1998) some how, was able to escape with a sizeable disciples and landed in Nepal as early as year 1960. Tharig Rinpoche has had the present Tharig Sakya Monastery built in year 1969 over the land afforded by then Chini Lama, a renowned Nepali Priest widely known as Gya Lama (1915-1983) among Tibetan Buddhists.


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